About us

Andrew Moszczynski Real Estate is an experienced team of professionals in the field of marketing and sales in the real estate industry. Since 2020, we have focused on selling exclusive projects from around the world to a selected group of customers. Our offer includes projects from the following sectors: condo, islands, hotels, apartments, houses.



We will make your dream of having a private, exclusive island come true. You will be enchanted to know that this is your private paradise on earth.



It is an offer for entrepreneurs who want to have a profitable hotel as part of diversification. We have only unique and verified by our team of lawyers projects.



You can fulfill your dream of having a unique home. We offer breathtaking houses, located in delightful places, whose designs have individual, symbolic DNA.


Exlusive Condo

Did you know that you can become the owner of a hotel apartment from which you will benefit financially? You can also use the apartment for 4 weeks a year and enjoy fantastic privileges.


Exlusive Apartments

Only selected places, perfectly made and equipped with details that create an unprecedented atmosphere of warmth and peace.